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Unsure about career goals? Student Career Pathways can help.


Looking for career direction?

If you, your son or daughter are unsure about career goals, Student Career Pathways can help.  With programs offered in Charlottetown and Summerside, PEI, we counsel students to more clearly identify the career and education path best suited to their interests, strengths and values.  Through one-on-one assessment, our qualified Career Counsellors guide clients in exploring career directions, developing an understanding of their needs and abilities, and setting achievable and satisfying goals.



What is Career Counseling?

It’s a holistic, comprehensive process that involves facilitating career and educational decision-making with respect to all aspects of an individual (interests, personality, values, etc.)


Students Receive:

  • A better understanding of how their interests and personalities are related to a satisfying career.
  • Confidential one-on-one career counselling from a certified Career Counsellor to clearly identify career options.
  • Knowledge of careers and university/college programs and requirements.
  • A comprehensive report summarizing the results of the career counseling sessions, including recommendations.
  • Job search skills (may be added as a supplement to the career counselling sessions): job interviewing, resume development and labour market information under the guidance of a qualified Career Development Practitioner.


Parents Receive:

Confidence that the financial investment made towards a son’s/daughter’s education is thoroughly researched and well informed.  In an educational climate where many students switch or leave post-secondary studies because they are unsure about what they want to do with their lives, an informed and confident decision makes financial and personal sense.


Click here for more information about PEI’s Student Career Pathways program.


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