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Unsure about career goals? Student Career Pathways can help.


Career Student Pathways

Student Career Pathways provides one-on-one sessions with a qualified Career Counsellor.  The goal: To guide students towards a satisfying career path.  These sessions enable students to more clearly understand their personalities, interests, values and strengths in relation to possible career and study outcomes. 

The number of sessions can vary depending on the student’s needs, but experience has shown that 3-5 sessions is typical to complete the program.




All sessions are confidential in nature and are conducted under the supervision of a Certified Career Counsellor and/or qualified Career Practitioner.

The path to your career starts here!

Sessions may include:

Introduction & Needs Assessment
The student meets with a Career Counsellor for a free information session to determine his/her particular needs.  Here, the Student Career Pathways process is outlined, the methods used to clarify the student’s career interest and aptitude are explained, and the student’s tentative career ideals are discussed/explored.  At this point, the student may choose to begin the fee for service process and book their first appointment.

Career Assessments
Based on the individual’s needs, career assessments are administered, and may include, but are not limited to, The Myers Briggs® Type Indicator and The Strong Interest Inventory®.  All assessments administered are designed to help the student determine suitable career options.  The completed assessments are reviewed and interpreted with the counsellor, and a number of suitable career choices based on the student’s personality, interests, values and strengths are identified.

The student will work with the Career Counsellor to discover the education/training avenues most closely associated with their various career options.  At this time, the skills and the skill level required for occupations related to the career goal are explored.  The current labour market will also be examined in relation to the individual’s career goal[s].

The student is encouraged to use the information gained from these sessions and  experiences to make choices for the best fit occupation[s], to clearly define the educational options, and develop a road map that identifies the milestones, further tasks and steps to reach his/her career goal.



Recommendations & Report Session

During this last session, the counsellor and student review the comprehensive report and make any necessary adjustments or modifications. They may also review the assessments, the student’s career plan and goals, and clarify any unanswered questions.

Employment Skills Sessions (may be added as a supplement to the career counselling sessions)
The student may also choose to receive assistance and tips from a Career Development Practitioner on improving employability skills, job search techniques, job interview techniques, resume critique and/or development, information on the job market, and how to successfully use labour market research. This information can help in the immediate future in obtaining summer or part-time employment, and it will also serve to provide the basic tools and practices for career success throughout his/her entire working life.


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